Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This year has been a year of VICTORY for Bringing Hope to the Family, several things have happened to us and we would like to give glory and honor back to GOD.

In June our medical centre from the rented premises of Kaihura street to its new gorgeous building, Hope Again Medical Centre is now in a big facility with most of the medical services. Ever since we shifted to this new facility we have had an increasing number of clients and the community has appreciated our services. Our sincere thanks go to our donors who supported the construction of this medical facility for Bringing Hope to the Family.
                                             Side view of Hope Again Medical Centre

In November we also managed to move to our new Administration block, these offices a comfortable and large enough and this motivates the staff members to deliver quality services. We are now operating in a good environment free from noise of the moving heavy lorries at the main road and enjoying fast internet since we are on a raised land scape. This building is still under construction, we hope that it will be finished by next year.
                                            New Administration block
 We have also constructed the girls' dormitory at Kyongera farm and hope to move the girls to Kyongera farm early next year, the roofing of the girls dormitory is complete and now we are on ceiling. We hope that the girls will have good time while in Kyongera because the land is big enough and this will enable them to improve on their agricultural skills

                                           Kyongera Girls' dormitory still under construction

Some of our staff members also entered in to holy marriages, among them was Kenneth Kabagambe which was held in June, next was the Home Again House father Jastus Kisembo and on 14th December will be prossy Mbabazi the communications officer.
                                           Kenneth and Beatrice on their introduction

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Yesterday, 2nd December a strong storm hit Kyenjojo district destroying people's gardens and houses. At Home Again Children's Home this storm blew off the kitchen roof of the El- Shadai house, now the house mothers are cooking food for these children under the scorching sunshine. Please pray for our country, and for the safety of her people.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


About Kyongera Farm

Kyongera Farm is another Bringing Hope to the Family Project.

This small 20 hectare block of land is located 8 kilometers from the main village of Kaihura, providing food and education to the Home Again orphans and staff.

Pineapple plantation at Kyongera farm

The boys at Kyongera were serving themselves with
 lunch which is green  banana grown at the farm

The main purpose of the farm is to produce quality fruit and vegetables for the Home Again Orphanage.  With anywhere from 40 to 80 children being feed three meals a day, the food costs for the Orphanage are always high, and nutrition is very important for growing children.  The usual diet for a Ugandan family is Posho and beans.  By growing a variety of different fruits and vegetables it is possible to increase the nutritional value of the food served to the children.  Currently the farm has vegetable crops of cassava, carrots, cabbages, green beans, tomatoes, egg plants, onions and maize.  As well as tropical fruits such as guava, green and yellow bananas, pineapples, oranges and papaya.

The secondary purpose of the farm is to educate young people and also the surrounding community members with agricultural knowledge and practical skills. Most of these students have not performed well in formal education and are suited better to practical learning.  During the school term the students stay at the farm together in a dormitory.  The skills learned at the farm enable the students to return to their village and establish their own income generating activities.  

Dormitory for the students at the farm
Carpentry workshop at the farm

Recently a large plantation of coffee bean trees has been planted, which when matured in 3 to 4 years will provide an income to the project.  In the future there are plans to expand the buildings and the overall size of the farm to include the Dorcas Vocational school.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Hello this is Prossy, a new communication officer in Bringing Hope to the Family.I am one of the orphans whom the organisation has brought up and now I am through with my studies. I am happy that now I am serving our organisation. Expect much from me, thank you.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Quarter Staff Appreciation

On behalf of the entire BHTF team, I am humbled to take this opportunity to thank you all for your great support (BHTF and the donors)!!!!!! Without each of you we would not have progressed as easily as we have in this 1st quarter 2012. We are very greatful to our Community in Kaihura and the surroundings Kyenjojo District that have entrusted us to provide Love, Hope, Medical Care&Treatment and Other services for them. Their appreciation to our Organisation and the services has not been merely good but also encouraging to our staff.
All of BHTF staff is overjoyed with the 100% sustainability mark that we have hit this quarter performance since the year began. It has been such an exciting time as for all our staff since they have learnt of the excellent and commendable accomplishement.Great and thank God all our children are back from school for 1st term holidays with awesome performance.As we had sports day on the closing of the schools.Well be back.
Thank you for support

Friday, March 16, 2012

Providing Social Support in the Community

The Social Support Program comprises of the services that mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS service on clients and their care givers/families.The OVC package includes Formal Education,Vocational training at Dorcus and Village Art Salon and facilitation for start up Income Generating Activities(IGA's) with support from Inter-Religious Council of Uganda(IRCU) and Bantwana Intiatives among others to the community.Big thanks to our partners for the contuined support to the communities of Kaihura and Kyenjojo District as whole.
Bringing Hope to the Family staff trained community leaders and their households in IGA's of their choice for sustainable livelihoods.They are then given inputs,equipments and seed grants to start IGA's.Emphasis is put on clients group formation to access and pool resources for their Projects.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Increasing quality in service delivery

Bringing Hope to the Family together with Hope Again Medical Centre recently selected a team of 10 members from the Community with an aim of increasing Community Participation who will be acting as Health Unit Management Committee to Coordinate the Medical Centre and meet our desired mission and goal of providing care and support, restoring hope and improving the quality of life of families and communities affected by HIV/AIDS, poverty and disaster through sensitization, advocay, monitoring and evaluation of the activities and giving feedback from the community.

The team had an orientation meeting that kicked off with tour at new site and members thanked the Organisation for the good work done in education,sustainable livelihood and provision  of the medical care to the widows,orphans and vulnerable children especially our partners(Embrace Uganda) that has put in alot and we can't await to shift to the new site therefore friends join us in prayers so that it may come to pass and make a difference in peoples' lives. Thank you all for the support.