Friday, January 20, 2012

Work at Hope Again Medical Centre

Hope Again Medical Centre is project of Bringing Hope to the Family which is fully registered under the Ministry of Health at a level of the Health III and the District Health Department to offer Medical treatment to the communities and support to the HIV/AIDS positve people especially orphans and their care takers in Kyenjojo District. The Centre offers free treatment to all HIV/AIDS positive orphans,Counselling, Health Care&Education, Community Outreaches, Refferal services,Family planning,Psychosocial support,Immunisation and Medical Circumscision among others.The Medical Centre has a clientile of 2960 positve living clients of which most are orphan children.

The Profile about ATUYAMBE SAM...........
Atuyambe Sam is 7years of age, mutooro by tribe and lives in Kibiira village,Isemihabo Parish,Nyantungo Sub-county,Kyenjojo District.During the Nyabanda outreach in the community,the health team together with the volunteers from Global Support Mission (Medical team from Califonia) met this boy with the mother in september 2011.The boy was diagnosed and had been refered to Mulago Referal Hospital with(myelomegiocoele&spinabifidal) medical conditions and was later refered to Mbale Hospital for surgical operations.
The operations were done but the child needs to be reviewed four times ayear for various Laboratory,Physiotherapy&ultra-sound scan among others but the mother requests for assistance to facilitate her during the journeys.Clinically, the child is unable to walk due paralysed legs,unable to pass urine&stool and he is always catheterised.The present picture does not potray his age.
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ps. I have also attached some pictures of some Medical Outreaches we were about to accomplish over that last few months.  We are so grateful for the help and support we received from the medical students form UCLA and our partner Global Support Mission on these outreaches.

GOD Bless.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A new start for the New Year

Bringing Hope to the Family has indeed started the new year in style and we are very grateful to God and everybody for being with us. Sorry friends, we have been away for some time but now we are back and please do not hestitate to check on us daily because we have very many exciting stories and alot more in stock.
In the last two weeks of the new year, alot of things have been happening around us. We are blessed to recieve a team of volunteers from Global Support Mission. They are our good friends and they have come to help us to complete Village Art. Which is an Income Generating Project for Bringing Hope to the Family. Village Art consits of Craft shop, Bridal Boutique and Hair Salon.
Alot of things have changed in the salon with new stock, pedicure and massage and we can't wait to officially open it tomorrow and we will definately be posting you soon. We are also having a Youth Conference going on for the whole week and it started on monday and over 200 youth have attended it and it has changed many lives within and around Kaihura.
We really want to take this opportunity to thank all our friends for the support your giving us to change the lives of children at Home Again.There is an ongoing construction of the extention at Home Again Childrens' home for the showers and the construction workers are really doing a great work here.

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GOD Bless