Wednesday, February 15, 2012

School time Again

Its' coming to 3weeks now since students and pupils started School both Primary and Secondary School. Joy filled ours hearts and the Children seeing most of our Children successfully passed their Exams with flying colours in the year 2011 for Primary and Secondary after their results were released a week ago.The most interesting part of it is that six Children from Home Again got vacancies from Nyakasura Secondary School in Fort Portal town and today they were all happy setting off for School and ready to join Senior One.
We want to say thank you all, the partners and sponsors of some of the children, for all the prayers and support given to us and the children. On the same  note as an organisation, its our felt desire and ask all friends and partners for prayer requests to the children who do not have sponsors and due to the financial/global crisis we have been struggling all through and we really thank God for his grace and mercy that he has seen us up to this point.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Leadership Training

The whole of this week as an Organisation we have been blessed with visitors and friends from different corners of the world. We had fellowship with them, some from Polland led by Peter, a team from Global Support Mission (GSM) led by Travis on Monday morning.We really thank God for the families and our children from Home Again for the successful Court ruling that was done on Tuesday in Fort portal and were granted Legal Guardianship from God fearing and Loving parents. Please, prayer requests goes to the remaining Children, the home needs and Staff for Gods' direction and guidance.

On Wednesday, we had an exiting and fun day from from Sasser's place where Management staff under went a half day Leadership Training that was led by one of the Volunteers called Tammey and big thanks to our partners GSM for the support and capacity building to the Organisation.The training was good, skillful and everybody enjoyed and we hope we could have it so often since it focused of good and Servant Leadreship. It was really awesome and just at the right time and we hope to put it in practice and build on what we have already. The first of its' kind entitled ''SERVE''.God bless..........