Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This year has been a year of VICTORY for Bringing Hope to the Family, several things have happened to us and we would like to give glory and honor back to GOD.

In June our medical centre from the rented premises of Kaihura street to its new gorgeous building, Hope Again Medical Centre is now in a big facility with most of the medical services. Ever since we shifted to this new facility we have had an increasing number of clients and the community has appreciated our services. Our sincere thanks go to our donors who supported the construction of this medical facility for Bringing Hope to the Family.
                                             Side view of Hope Again Medical Centre

In November we also managed to move to our new Administration block, these offices a comfortable and large enough and this motivates the staff members to deliver quality services. We are now operating in a good environment free from noise of the moving heavy lorries at the main road and enjoying fast internet since we are on a raised land scape. This building is still under construction, we hope that it will be finished by next year.
                                            New Administration block
 We have also constructed the girls' dormitory at Kyongera farm and hope to move the girls to Kyongera farm early next year, the roofing of the girls dormitory is complete and now we are on ceiling. We hope that the girls will have good time while in Kyongera because the land is big enough and this will enable them to improve on their agricultural skills

                                           Kyongera Girls' dormitory still under construction

Some of our staff members also entered in to holy marriages, among them was Kenneth Kabagambe which was held in June, next was the Home Again House father Jastus Kisembo and on 14th December will be prossy Mbabazi the communications officer.
                                           Kenneth and Beatrice on their introduction

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Yesterday, 2nd December a strong storm hit Kyenjojo district destroying people's gardens and houses. At Home Again Children's Home this storm blew off the kitchen roof of the El- Shadai house, now the house mothers are cooking food for these children under the scorching sunshine. Please pray for our country, and for the safety of her people.